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Repeal RealID - LD2309

Repeal Maine's first implementation of RealID. Don't give up your privacy, your rights and your personal data to the feds.

Where can one sign the petition?

At the Meg Perry Center, 644 Congress Street, Portland; at the MCLU, 401 Cumberland Ave, Portland; or call any of the contacts below for a circulator near you.


On April 29, 2008 we filed the initial petition to repeal LD2309 with the people's veto mechanism. We received final langauge two weeks later and are now distributing petitions around the state. We're holding trainings in different communities. We have until July 17 to collect 55 thousand plus valid signatures to put the repeal on the November ballot.

Do you think it's a good idea for the State of Maine to hand over all the data they have on you to Chertoff and Homeland Security? And for them to share it without oversight or restriction with other agencies, states, the military and tens of thousands of corporations? Or do you think maybe it's Maine's job to make sure drivers know how to drive and it's the Feds job to handle visas and passports?

A passport costs about $100. This unfunded mandate will end up costing Maine $185 million - more than it would cost to buy everyone in the state a passport. Can you spell "unfunded mandate"? Hint: R-I-P O-F-F.

This is not about requiring residency to get a Driver's License; that is LD2304. When Governor Baldacci brings that up he is intentionally misleading you. You cannot impeach him, but you can push back. Repeal this legislation.

More on the difference between LD2304 and LD2309 - which is about residency and which is about RealID.

RealID is about turning over your personal data to the Feds, the military, the police and many corporations - driver's license data to start, but then health care records, financial data, education and employment. RealID destroys what little remains of our Bill of Rights. RealID turns your Driver's License into a National Identity Card. And Chertoff and Homeland Security want us to pay for it.

RealID is about building a Checkpoint Society - where our every transaction is monitored - starting with whether we are allowed to be here or not. That's not the State's job; states are not allowed by the Constitution to control immigration. States should therefore not be put in the position of enforcing visas and immigration.

RealID is about controlling resources. When it's $3000 to fill your oil tank and food in the store is just as expensive - RealID will serve as the control mechanism. Thw question of what is fair and who decides belongs with our communities, not with unseen authorities.

RealID is about controlling people. Before the Civil War, slaves needed passes to travel in the free states and the federal government paid people and businesses bounties to catch them. Do we really want to return to that sort of a society?

See this great Visual/Audio on how Real ID/National ID cards effect us long term:


This website was set up Wed, April 30, 2008. Hundreds of concerned Mainers have received petition packets to help us collect the necessary signatures. But we need 1000 volunteers, each collecting 60 signatures, to repeal this legislation. Help!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact:
Lu Bauer, 729-0531
Kathleen McGee, 666.3598
Chris Miller, 657.4963
Or by email via contact form.

You can pick up Petitions and Circulator forms at:
Peace Action Maine, 644 Congress St, Portland, 772-0680
ProPrint Maine, 280 Main St, Lewiston - ask for Brian Caouette, 784-5767
Jane Sanford, 57 High St Belfast, 338-3854
Gerald Oleson, 73-1/2 Court Street, Bangor 947-2970
From Lu, Kathleen or Chris,
Call for other locations; we have them in Biddeford and Fort Kent at least - ask.

In the right hand sidebar, you will find info on ongoing trainings and also events for which we need petition circulators to collect signatures.

Document Actions

Real ID People's Veto signature collection

Posted by Kathleen McGee at May 01, 2008 01:57 PM
We hve been getting calls from around the state from Houlton and Blue Hill to Portland; all people who want to help gather signatures. Some of these folks have never been involved in politics, some have small children and hardly have time to get through the day...but they know this is important, one of the biggest issues we have faced in Maine [and nationwide] in a long time.

This IS at the heart of our civil liberties, personal freedoms and privacy.

Please contact us to help collect signatures not only on the June 10th primary, but throughout your communities, at events and door to door.

This is not a partisan issue. Concerned citizens from the left of Left to the right of Right, to sportsmen and religious communities to the elderly and teachers in various schools all understand their civil liberties, the fate of our Republic and the foundation of our democracy are at the center of this issue.

As Matt Dunlap, our Maine Secretary of State said in his testimony before the Transporation Commmittee, in this bill [LD 2309]; "If I sound alarmist, I mean to be....." This is not a man who says such things without great thought and concern.

Please contact us to sign on to help even if it's only for an hour or half a day; anything you do to help gets us closer to saying NO to yet another nail in our gasping democracy.

Please also write letters to the editor, to your legislators [either thanking or admonitioning depending on whether they voted for or against this bill], to the Governor, who caved after the legislature voted, almost unanimously last year, to NOT ALLOW Real ID in this state.

We will have more information as things move along.

Thank you.